Who is Paul Penders?

While i was searching about Paul Penders in the internet i come across this article that was published at The Star  in the year 2010.

Paul Penders is a Dutchman who founded an award-winning natural skincare and cosmetics named Paul Penders.

“I come from a family of cosmetologists so, naturally, I wanted to be involved in the same line. I was a hairstylist. But I also wanted to travel. As a hairstylist, I would just have to sit in my shop and wait for my customers to come. So, I thought I would make my own products from my grandmother’s formulations and sell them all over the world,” shares Penders.

Paul Penders is A self-confessed environmentalist and avid animal rights activist, he is adamant that beauty, and for that matter success in business, should never be achieved at the expense of anyone or anything. He incorporates his beliefs into his business. As a result, his products use natural ingredients. The base of all Paul Penders products is a concentrated extract of 22 herbs obtained from various parts of the world, called LevensESSENTIEGold. For fragrances, only essential oils formulated in Pender’s own laboratories are used. Most importantly, the products are not tested on animals – something Penders is beyond passionate about.

Paul Penders first product was made in his home town which is a chemical-free shampoo.  During that time the regulations made it compulsory for products to be tested on animals. The authorities insisted he comply or face closure of his factory and business. End the end he still refuse and moved to United States America. After spending more than a decade in the United States, Penders relocated to Langkawi – he couldn’t resist the appeal of the island and her rainforests and botanical gold.

In the beginning the company was run by a staff of eight, including founder and chief executive officer Penders, and two chemists, Dr Gatot Pulunggono and Yvonne Nobel, who are responsible for all the research and formulation that go into the brand. Then, he set up shop in Langkawi in 2003 and, collaborating with local scientist and naturalist Dr Abdul Ghani Hussain, discovered the properties of a local herb, pegaga, which is now incorporated into LevensESSENTIEGold. The extract also contains turmeric, angelica, rosemary, elderflower, juniper berry, arnica, ginger, yarrow, ginseng root, honeysuckle, jojoba and jasmine.
The products have been market internationally such as US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and many other countries.
Paul Penders believed not only the quality of ingredients but clean environment also contribute to high quality. For this reason, he has started a new outpost of Paul Penders in the pure and beautiful Himalayas. This added to our another difference Paul Penders brand with other natural brand in the market. The family legacy continues, now the company is run by his son Bastiaan Penders.
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Paul Penders International – https://paulpenders.com/about-paulpenders.php

3 thoughts on “Who is Paul Penders?

  1. Suzanne Lim says:

    I have a very sensitive skin & lips. I have tried all the lipsticks in the market, none is suitable for my lips as my lips will become swallen & have tingling feeling within 10 minutes after applying the lipstick.
    When I used Paul Penders’s lipsticks I do not have any problems at all because it does not have any chemicals in all their products.
    I highly recommended Paul Penders products to those people who are health concious & have sensitive skin

  2. Samsiah Kassim says:

    I am interested to purchase Mujonso Botanicals supplement for diabetics. Please let me know where /how to purchase.

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