We understand that not all consumers can read labels. So we will do it for you! We will ensure all the products here is VEGAN, natural, cruelty free and HALAL.

VEGAN – made from 100% PLANT and no animal source.

NATURAL – made from pure natural source such as plants and mineral.

ORGANIC – made form source or ingredient that are certified organic or which has been harvest without using any synthetic chemical compounds.

CRUELTY FREE – never test on animals.

HALAL – made from permissible, clean and good ingredients.

EWG – Environmental Working Group in Washington DC rates products based on ingredients to determine ANY health concerns. They require cosmetic companies to submit full disclosure, to be sure these products are free of contaminants and that manufacturing meets all the EWG’s rigorous criteria before a company is certified and allowed to use the EWG VERIFIED(TM) mark.

AVA – American Vegetarian Association) is the worldwide recognized standard of vegetarian and vegan assurance.


Our promise:

Ensure all product here are FREE from chemical such as sodium lauryl sulfates, sodium laureth sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances), paraben, fragrance, perfume, and synthetic ingredients.