Paul Penders Magic Minerals, 3g

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  • An acne and blemish quick treatment
  • Quickly heal and clear blemishes and acne.
  • Rapidly fights impurities
  • Reduce the appearances of breakouts
  • Helps to dry out and minimize the appearance of minor imperfections
  • Restores balance to blemished skin
  • Comes in powder form and can last for 1 year after open.
  • Paraben Free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Chemical Free
  • SLS & SLES Free.



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Paul Penders Magic Minerals


For minor imperfections and restoring balance. (0.1 oz – 3 g)

Magic Minerals formerly known as Rescue Blemish Away is an amazing solution to keep odd pimples and spots at bay.  Always keep this ’emergency’ treatment to hand to quickly heal and clear blemishes and acne. Simply dot on affected area at bedtime using a damp cotton wool bud and by morning wake up to clear skin. It immediately helps dry out and minimize the appearance of minor imperfections.

This targeted corrective treatment helps clear blemishes and acne as it rapidly reduces the appearance of breakouts and fights impurities and quickly heals to restore balance to blemished skin.


Certified Vegan, Halal, Cruelty free & EWG Verified



Mix it with Paul Penders toner/water and gently pat a thin layer to the targeted areas of concern at night and wake up to clearer and more radiant skin in the morning.



8 reviews for Paul Penders Magic Minerals, 3g

  1. asmalia.talib

    Magic mineral mmg sgt membantu bila tiba2 jerawat muncul setiap kali period. Hari ni sapu, esok kecut, lusa hilang! Belum pernah jumpa ubat kempis/hilangkan jerawat yg power mcm ni.. terbaik!

  2. iarnitalib

    Memang sangat mujarab. Anak perempuan saya pun pakai. Pantas kecutkan jerawat hanya semalaman.

  3. mohamadtarmizi

    This is emergency aids everyone got to have when your face breakouts!

  4. hawa

    Magic mineral mmg penyelamat saya setiap kali jerawat muncul. Xperlu risau jerawat makin membesar atau pop out dah

  5. eja

    First time guna bila akak mardhia kasi sample untuk trial. Thanks akak, i really love it. Kalau naik Jerawat buh jee situ, esok pagi bangun dah kurang. Highly reccomended.

  6. ysllpl

    The best if you’re looking to reduce scaring issues on your face

  7. Farah Nurwahidah

    Kulit makin licin dan pores makin kecil. Memang muka bila pegang halus ja. Pakai magic mineral memang jerawat cepat kecut.

  8. Sarah Halim

    Magic mineral terbaik. Jerawat memang cepat kecut. Produk terbaik.

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