Paul Penders Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner, 150ml

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  • Formulated to restore natural moisture balance
  • Soothe and clarify the skin
  • Leaves the skin feeling fresh
  • Alcohol free toner
  • To close the pores after cleansing
  • Promotes the moisture balance of the skin
  • Clarifying & soothing
  • Paraben Free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Chemical Free
  • SLS & SLES Free

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Paul Penders Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner, 150ml


For all skin types. (5.2 fl oz – 150 ml)

An effective, alcohol-free toner that will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean by purifying and restoring its natural balance.

  • Formulated to restore natural moisture balance
  • Soothe and clarify the skin
  • Leaves the skin feeling fresh
  • Alcohol free toner

Includes LevensESSENTIE Gold™- a mixture of 22 organically grown herbs- a unique blend which is the pride of Paul Penders.

Certified Vegan, Halal, Cruelty free & EWG Verified


After using Paul Pender face cleanser, dab some on a cotton wool pad and sweep across the entire face and neck. Let it dry and then finish with a Paul Penders moisturizer.


Aqua, Coconut extract, Glycerin, Chamomile flower extract, Moringa extract, Saccharide isomerate, Sodium PCA, Angelica, Arnica  flower, Calendula flower, Chamomile flower ,Elderflower, Ginger root, Ginseng root , Honeysuckle , Hops  , Horsetail, Juniper fruit , Lavender flower,Lemon balm leaf, Nettle,Pennywort, Peppermint leaf, Rosemary, Sage, St. John’s wort, Turmeric root, Witch hazel, Yarrow, Lavender oil, Grapefruit seed extract, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), L. ascorbic acid (Vitamin C),Orange  oil, Lemon oil, Bromelain extract, Papain extract, Caprylhydroxamatic acid (amino Acid)and Glyceryl caprylate¹. *Mnt. Everest water. ¹Antioxidants (coconut derived acting as natural preservative).   ˚Linalool, ˚Limonene (˚occur naturally in essential oils). **LevensESSENTIE Gold ® from 22 organic herbs

28 reviews for Paul Penders Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner, 150ml

  1. HAN

    Its refreshing

  2. ucuita

    This product suitable for my sensitive skin.

  3. asmalia.talib

    The best toner ever! It minimize my skin pores and never irritates my skin.

  4. dinie_princess

    Love the toner! Skin feel fresh after applying.. took 7month to finish this product, worth every penny..

  5. noorlaila_ibrahim

    Tonernya sgt lembut pd kulit. Sangat sesuai utk kulit org berusia mcm saya yg kering

  6. mohamadtarmizi

    tak mcm toner lain. Segar dan xcekang muka bila pakai. Paling bagus dia kecikkan skin pores

  7. chiew chi

    Love ❤️ this toner so much! So pure and natural, and most important it maintains the moisture of skin.

  8. ccsj81

    One of the most soothing toner I have ever used. Skin feels fresh and the scent is really mild. A little goes a long way

  9. lorraine.alaya (verified owner)

    other than its own function, it is very useful in use as mixture of hydrating serum too

  10. ysllpl

    Does not irritate the skin

  11. Ariel

    Lovely toner

    It leaves my skin feeling cleaner and moist after cleansing. My serum and moisturizer are easily after applying the toner. The subtle scent is really refreshing too.

  12. Nik Zulaikha

    Toner yang bagus

    Toner yang baik utk kulit.
    Melembapkan kulit dengan baik. Walaupun begitu, sedikit kurang senang dengan baunya. Bau herba yang kuat sewaktu menggunakannya. Selepas beberapa minit, bau tersebut akan hilang dengan sendirinya.

  13. ZATIL AQMAR (verified owner)

    This toner not only double cleanse my face after cleasing… but full
    with great great
    benefit from selected herbs
    and ingredients… I looooooooove it!!!!

  14. Norazura Muhamad Rohani

    Rasa segar bila menggunakan toner ni, lain dari toner produk2 lain, suka dengan bau yang harum.. terbaik la.. TQ.

  15. Angie

    Soothing and natural. Highly recommended.

  16. Pinutzs

    Saya try toner tester yg diberi semasa beli alpinia & teatrea facial wash. Mula2 pakai mmg rasa pelik dgn bau dia tp trust me bau tu sekejap je hilang. Yg best toner ni membuatkan kulit nmpk lebih berseri n moist. InsyaAllah will finishup the tester & purchase a bottle soon 😉

  17. Annette

    I always have problems with the use of toners. My facial skin feels dehydrated. Here it is different for the first time. After the toner, the skin feels refreshed and does not stretch.

  18. Lisa

    Excellent facial toner in combination with paul penders exfoliator.

  19. Vwrena

    Just great! Thank you.

  20. Lory

    A very good tonic, I apply it with my hands tapping until completely absorbed and when the skin is dry I apply the exfoliate. The two products together have really helped my skin become more compact and luminous

  21. Raz

    Saya jatuh cinta dengan Paul Penders Toner. Suka dengan bau herba, rasa betul-betul natural gitu. Saya akan masukkan ke dalam botol jenis spray jadi senang untuk spray ke muka saya.

  22. Ulia

    Saya sangat suka toner ni, kulit rasa lembut selepas pakai. Sangat sesuai untuk wanita umur 50an.

  23. Meme

    Toner yang paling best saya pernah pakai. Kulit muka dan leher nampak perbezaan, rasa sekata dan anjal. Saya juga suka bau toner ni, ada bau herba-herba.

  24. Ben_nii

    Toner terbaik. Saya guna bersama-sama Citrus Exfoliant, kulit rasa lembut sangat.

  25. MIKKE

    Doesn’t dry out skin like other toner. Leaves skin glowing and radiance.

  26. Sensei

    This tonic tightens, lightens and prepares the skin for the face cream. Just applied by a feeling of tingling that passes after a few seconds: I like to think that it is during this feeling that acts. Great!

  27. Raja_KM

    first time used i did feel a bit sensation, after 1 minutes the feel fades. I feel a bit sticky but it keeps my skin moist. Great for my skin,

  28. Noor Syuhada

    Kulit saya sangat serasi dengan toner, serum dan ICT mask. Jika tukar produk lain mudah naik biji-biji merah. Tak nak lagi tukar produk lain.

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